SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing is the leading global event on sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, lidar, and emerging sensing technologies. The conference is held in Orlando.

Our team will present current research results, such as the state of the polarization analyzer and its usage for acoustic/mechanical vibration detection.

Paper title: Physical fiber security by the state of polarization change detection


The main topic of this paper is the detection state of polarization changes to enhance data security in fiber cable paths. The changes are generated by fiber manipulation or movements, which suggest potential security threats. Our designed system detects these changes using a polarization beam splitter and a pair of photodetectors. The values are subtracted from each other, sampled, and sent for analysis. The software detector applies FFT onto the signal and normalizes the output. The last step compares the sum of the bottom eighth of the spectrum against the threshold.